A downloadable game for Android

Show OFF! is a quick alchemy-story game. Pick 5 props or pranks to ruin the play.


ROMEO and HAMLET: The Musical is an all-new play ready to hit the stage.

For whatever reason, be it revenge, jealousy, tax evasion, or simply because you're a troll, you want desperately to ruin this new production. Your aim is to select the right combination of pranks or props to replace backstage to make it the worst play possible. But be careful! Select the wrong combination, and you might make the play better.

So download Show OFF! for your Android phone or device and do your worst.


Game Design and Story by Michael Patoine and Christine Laskowski

Programming by Michael Patoine

Art by Christine Laskowski

Music and Sound Effects by Alex Maletich

Install instructions

Make sure your Android Device is set to accept "unknown software" or things from outside GooglePlay. Download and put on your phone. Click/open the.apk to install! It will show up with a fancy icon and everything. Enjoy!


ShowOFF_TOJam12_edition 56 MB